1704 & 1706 E. Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23223

Zoomies (cat lounge) Hours
Closed Monday and Tuesday
Wednesday through Saturday 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 5:30 pm

Central Purrk (coffee shop) Hours
Closed Monday and Tuesday
Wednesday through Saturday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Cat cafes are a popular concept and growing in popularity across the United States.  Due to zoning and health department regulations, we have structured our cat cafe as two seperate entites with separate addresses, each serving two separate purposes.

Central Purrk is a coffee shop that serves the public just like any small cafe.  There’s no cover charge or reservation required to stop in for a refreshing drink and pastry, enjoying the free wi-fi, and hang around and talk about your cats.  There will not be any live cats in Central Purrk.

Central Purrk has partnered with Zoomies, a retail establishment next door with resident rescue cats available for adoption. Zoomies is a retail gift shop open to the public, without cat interaction, but will also have a cat lounge where you can pay admission to enjoy cuddle/play time with the cats. Zoomies is starting small and will only have around 8 to 9 cats at a time, but this environment is promised to be relaxing and enjoyable. Patrons of Zoomies may bring snacks and drinks from Central Purrk for enjoyment in the company of cool cats.

The core mission of Zoomies is to provide a meaningful experience for visitors and our rescued cats, with the ultimate goal of getting these kitties into loving homes.  All kitties in the lounge are available for adoption.  There is an application process to follow and an adoption fee of $125 per cat.

The well-being of our fosters is our highest priority. All cats in the lounge are fully vetted, have passed a wellness exam, are spayed/neutered, combo tested neg/neg for FIV/FeLV, are up to date on shots, flea prevention and dewormed. We keep them monitored for stress and make sure they’re willing participants in this fast-paced environment.

Our lounge is designed to feel like a relaxing, living room environment.  It’s small and cozy with several kitties to shower with attention.  Come in and make yourself at home.  We bet you’ll make new friends fast!  You can bring your laptop/tablet and use our wi-fi, but don’t be surprised if you’re too distracted by kitties to get a ton of work done.  Living in the lounge allows the cats to show their winning personalities, make friends, and eventually find their forever home.

So who would pay to pet and play with cats? We admit this experience isn’t for everyone. It’s for people who love cats but, for a variety of reasons, can’t commit to pet ownership. It’s for college kids away from home for the first time, living in the dorm and missing the family cat. It’s for anyone who lives with someone with allergies and cannot have a cat at home. It’s a place to meet with friends and have a memorable and uplifting visit. Zoomies is the perfect place for anyone needing a change of pace from home.

Why do you charge admission? Our hourly charge covers the overhead that allows us to offer this experience. We have a small space and limit the number of visitors per hour to 8-10 when open to the general public. This ensures a pleasant experience for both the cats and people.