A little about our startup: Cat cafes are a popular concept, but in reality we’re doing something a little different. Zoomies will be a retail establishment selling cat-specific “purrchandise” and gift items such as cat toys, custom furniture, hammocks, beds, art, and more. No food or beverages will be prepared at or by Zoomies.

The public is invited to come in and shop our selection of local, hand-made items without having any interaction with live cats. The cat zone in Zoomies will be by admission only and may require a reservation due to limited space. We plan to keep eight adult cats as residents: single and ready to mingle. Due to the limited number of kitties, reservation space is limited for everyone’s enjoyment.

Zoomies is partnering with Central Purrk, the cat-themed coffee shop next door, which serves Blanchard’s coffee and pastry items baked fresh by Red Cap Patisserie. ¬†Zoomies’ customers are allowed to order from Central Purrk and have their treats delivered to Zoomies while they socialize with resident cats. There will not be any live cats on the premises of Central Purrk, and Central Purrk will be open to the public as any cafe is.

The cats at Zoomies will be available for adoption from Richardsons Rescue. Zoomies will provide the foster space they need to find forever homes.

More to come!