Resident Cats


IMG_4101Jaina’s a chatty, 2-year-old, black kitty that’s very playful and curious.  She was rescued as a kitten with her mom and litter mates.  She was adopted as a baby by a wonderful young lady, but after living with her for a year, Jaina was surrendered back to Richardsons Rescue due to her mom needing to provide hospice care for a family member.  She’s a petite kitty with a silky soft coat.

FullSizeRender (5)Belle had the perfect life until December 2016 when her owner passed away and left her  homeless.  Her and her sister Izzy came into rescue scared and confused but they’ve thrived in their foster home environment.  Izzy found a wonderful home and is happy to be the center of attention.   Belle also would love to be an only cat.  She’s more people oriented and doesn’t bond with other kitties, but tolerates living with them.  She’s a sweet and loving cat and is approximately 8 years old.  She’s so outgoing that she promoted herself to door greeter at Zoomies, choosing to live in the front of the lounge so she can chat with people through the front window as they pass by.  She’s lovable and has a winning personality.


Elliott’s (foreground) a sweet and outgoing kitten around five months old.  He’s silly and playful, but he likes to snuggle and rest, too.  He gets along well with other cats and is always up for a wrestling match with the bigger kitties.  He’s full of excitement and energy, but purrs the minute you pick him up for cuddles.

Halo likes to play hard to get, but he’s a softie for attention once he comes for it.  He’s almost a year old and his time in foster care has allowed his personality to really come out.  He wears his ear-tip as a badge of courage, knowing even though his life started out pretty hard, but he’s overcome difficulties that got him where he is today, in the heart of rescue.   He’s great with dogs and other cats and has lots of energy to burn.  His hobbies include begging for people food, demanding attention, and wrestling with his buddies.

19598761_1391128424313235_8155315634968527478_nKayleah thinks she’s a queen and she’s only about 8 months old.  She moved in and immediately established herself as top cat.  She’s very social and outgoing with people, but she’s often misunderstood as a bully by the other cats at Zoomies who take offense her playfulness and think she wants to fight.  She’s just wanting to play!  If you’re looking for a kitty to entertain, Kayleah would love to meet you.


Ozzie came into Zoomies for some rehabilitation work.  This guy’s only a year old and has so much potential.  He’s the sweetest kitty but has failed to build confidence with anybody but his foster.  He loves other cats and is an all-around gentle heart.  He’s making great progress meeting strangers, but likes to spend most of his days observing the interaction rather than participating.  He does play and purr once you gain his trust.

20046837_1410387392387338_1638586065721723450_nAva‘s been at Zoomies for a couple weeks now and is finally starting to come out and play. Her rescue story is one that includes medical and social rehabilitation. She was brought into Richardsons Rescue with her litter of four kittens, who were all living outdoors at an apartment complex. Her sweet kittens have all been adopted, but Ava had a large hernia that needed repaired found during her spay. She was malnourished, losing hair, and her paws were in rough shape, too. She’s a tiny kitty that weighs 6 lbs and is approximately a year old.

All her medical issues have been cleared, and we’re continuing work on her social skills. This sweet girl doesn’t belong living on the streets and is very affectionate and attention seeking with her foster. Moving into Zoomies set her progress back a bit, trying to adjust to living with multiple cats and warming up to greeting strangers every day. We’re giving her the time and attention she needs to thrive in her forever home.